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Are you convinced that you are full of courage and nothing can frighten you to death? Then prepare yourself for an exhilarating and spine-chilling journey, where your only dream is to survive. You will find yourself in an eerie environment known as the Backrooms. And there is just one objective – to escape. This place is an endless maze, and you must navigate its interconnected rooms and corridors, desperately searching for a way out of this nightmarish dimension. Many players have a lot of experience in escaping from various labyrinths. However, this time, the story is entirely different. As each minute ticks by, the challenge grows more intense. Sooner or later, you start losing your hope to remain alive!

Do not give up in a terrifying maze!

You walk without a stop, but it does not seem this exit exists at all. All you see is a succession of empty rooms decorated with faded vintage wallpaper. Frustration begins to fill your mind, and at times, your sanity may slowly disappear. But don’t give up too soon. Pay close attention to all weird objects scattered throughout the rooms, as they may contain the key to your progress. Interact with everything you find on your way – you may discover invaluable hints on how to proceed. Keep going forward and remember that there are multiple potential outcomes—try to make yours a positive one!

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