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Blox Fruits

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It is another action-packed Roblox game on the famous platform. And it will be fair to call it one of the most successful projects. So what is that about? In the beginning of the adventure, you are offered to choose one of two available roles – a sailor or a pirate. These two types of personages always fight with each other. And the key idea of each side is to kill as many opponents as possible. But they must be strong to attack successfully. To pump their powers, they need to explore the location and find fruits. You can find a number of different fruits around, and each of them brings a special ability to those who eat them.

Boost your powers beyond the limit!

So besides your main idea to destroy enemies, you will be also focused on the search of fruits. There are dozens of different fruits here. And the most powerful are Rumble Fruits. By eating this fruit, you will have a better chance of killing all enemies and advancing in the game. If you want to find a special fruit, you will need to find its seller that will periodically appear on the location. Kills your enemies, earn points, and grab the most powerful fruits. There are a lot of islands to explore and find clues to endless secrets. Embark on this thrilling adventure today!

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