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Roblox FNAF Barnstars

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This horror adventure on Roblox is inspired by the extremely popular FNAF series. If you are a fan of horror genre, you surely interacted with weird animatronics in the famous pizzeria. Now you are expected to embark on a similar adventure, but setting and personages will change a little. You will start in a big mansion where you need to work as a guard. It is a big territory to look after. Before your first shift, you will get a telephone call from a stranger who informs you he is going to be your virtual assistant. He gives you short instructions and warns that night will be a nightmare.

Survive several shifts!

Soon you will understand what that stranger meant. When you remain alone in this place, you notice strange sounds and noises. Who could penetrate the building if you checked all locks? These are barn animals that have strangely transformed! Now they look like animated robots who are dangerous and aggressive. They are determined to reach you! Will you remember all instructions received over phone? It seems you really need them to survive till the night is over. Use your logic and agility to mislead your opponents and win time. You need to use any method to distract their attention and confuse them before it is too late. Best of luck in this dreadful adventure.

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