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Roblox Grumpy Gran

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Welcome to a new Obby-like adventure in Roblox. This time, it is Grumpy Gran, a delightful and humorous game that will definitely bring a smile to your face. Meet the main antagonist, an eccentric grandmother who is determined to return her stolen cookies at any cost. It is going to be a hilarious journey filled with mischief, quirky characters, and endless challenges. In the beginning of the story, you find yourself in the gran’s cozy house at the moment the old woman discovers her cookies mysteriously disappeared.

Steal the cookies and run away!

You know well your opponent will get mad if you eat her cookies. But they looking so tempting that it is impossible to resist. Once you get hold of these, you must safely escape before the granny deals with you. Players will enjoy tons of entertaining mini-games, solve puzzles, and even go through comical quests together with weird residents of the neighborhood. Expect to encounter gnomes, squirrels, and even cheeky pigeons – it is incredible fun to deal with them all! This entertainment is not only a game of laughter and enjoyment, but it also boosts players’ problem-solving skills. You will have to find solutions to tricky quests and puzzles.

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