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Roblox Rainbow Friends 2

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Have you been waiting impatiently for a sequel of Rainbow Friends? It is finally released! This new installment immerses players even deeper into the nightmarish Odd World. Are you ready for even higher level of danger since your previous adventure? You have already managed to escape the clutches of the terrifying rainbow friends in the first chapter. But now it is another challenge to go through. Some evil force has pulled you back into this universe, and now these merciless creatures are up for revenge! What is even frustrating, your adversaries have evolved and now are much stronger. Will you once again demonstrate your cunning and smartness?

Watch your step!

Evil creatures are everywhere, lurking in the shadows. You will encounter the same monsters that you already saw before. But new adversaries are also here. Watch out for Yellow, a creature with a horrifying grin and an insatiable hunger for victims. Stay away from Pink, a mischievous monster who will follow you on your heels. And avoid Indigo, a silent predator that dreams of capturing you. It will be very hard to outsmart the rainbow friends. The antagonists are cunning beyond limits and set endless traps for you. Pay attention to every sound, as an enemy may unexpectedly appear behind you. Are you courageous enough to venture into this treacherous world? One thing is certain – an abundance of thrills awaits you!

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