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Roblox Rainbow Friends

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Roblox, as you know very well, offers entertainment for every taste. And this time, it presents a brand new game designed specifically for horror fans. This new project is known as Rainbow Friends! It is filled with thrills and jumpscares that will satisfy even the pickiest horror enthusiast. You will visit the enigmatic Odd World. The story starts when the player with other characters are on a bus ride to this intriguing place. However, the trip takes an unexpected turn when all the passengers mysteriously vanish. Now, you are completely alone. You will need to explore this eerie realm and unravel its secrets. But enemies do not sleep – evil monsters are lurking around. These are terrifying creatures of various colors. And you must escape really fast to survive.

Enemies are everywhere!

You must know something about your opponents. Each adversary comes in a different color and possesses unique skills and behaviors. When Blue is after you, try to seek hiding spots. However, when the Green monster is around, physical contact must be strictly avoided. Then there’s Orange, a lizard-like creature with razor-sharp teeth. Yet, the most perilous antagonist of all is Purple, a terrible entity that emerges from the vents. And this is not the full list. Thus, your quest for escape transforms into a true test of survival, where a single misstep can become fatal. Will you manage to endure and survive this trial? Even the narrator is a monster you will meet very soon.

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