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Save The Obby Blox

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Roblox represents a whole world full of all possible gaming activities. You will find here whatever you can only imagine – from simple puzzles to action-packed adventures. No matter how old you are, there is surely something exciting for you. Today, you are offered new entertainment to train your reflexes and reaction. So, get ready to enjoy Save the Obby Blox. Your personage is little Obby. The poor character is being pursued by bees. And your task is to help him run away and survive. Do you believe you have enough strong skills not to let down the hero?

How to succeed?

To be honest, it is extremely difficult to confront these evil beings that are armed with dozens of sharp needles. Luckily, you have special shields that are almost impossible to be broken. You will also be able to use other shapes to keep the attackers away. However, they are very agile, and you will also need your wits to maneuver with your tools properly and timely. Each round lasts only several seconds, but it is critical to be on the alert every moment of it. If you manage to pass the level fast and with no mistakes, you will earn points and stars. Make sure you complete all available levels with the highest possible score.

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